WAVES (2020)

Inspired by the works of Adrian Octavius Walker and John Edmonds, and films like Moonlight and Waves. WAVES uses durags as a metaphor for protecting black beauty and waves. Using the ocean as a backdrop was important in highlighting the duality of history and the concept of fluidity. The ocean is seen as a historic baptism where the we honor ancestors who died on passage to these lands. Fluidity is important in our society in order to break stigmas on black men being shown as hyper masculine. Durags protect our waves and waves to me is also the people itself.

Faded (2018)

This is from the Faded Series, which looks a Black owned barbershop’s community outreach and development in gentrified area; North Park, CA. Shot on 35mm film. Shot as a Senior project with Aleya Zenieris–mix of film and digital.

Second Family (2019)

Second Family, explores the relationship between Brandon Parks, my father and his basketball players over the multiple years hes coached. It illustrates the strong bond he builds with the kids, taking them on as his own–becoming his second family in the process.

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